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Malinda Taylor, Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Malinda's responsibilities for business development focus on strategic research and initiatives for the company’s growth. She plays an instrumental role in the successful procurement of contracts for the firm through research, development, and submission of proposals to Federal, State, and private sector clients. She manages the review of RFPs/RFQs to determine viability for the firm's market sectors. She provides development of all proposals including coordination of consulting engineering/specialty firms. Malinda also provides graphic design and technical writing for all proposals and firm marketing materials. She coordinates and develops strategies and presentation materials for client interviews.

In a dual role, over the past 18 years, Malinda has been involved in the research and management of information pertinent to the development of Physical Master Plans and Building Programming/Pre-Design Studies for governmental agencies (colleges/universities) and private sector clients. Her work in this capacity includes research and information gathering through client interviews and workshops. Working within established guidelines and set criteria, she provides documentation and analysis of existing conditions for site and buildings and space needs relative to institutional size. She provides graphic design, technical writing, organization, and coordination of finalized Master Plan publications.

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