Studio 8 Design is built upon the core value of “architecture...focused on client service.”  The firm embraces an uncompromising approach to architecture which actively engages the client from project inception through completion.


Our primary objectives are to listen, to respond, to create, and to manage.  Listening to our clients’ project vision, responding to critical requirements of the program, creating viable and flexible solutions, and effectively managing projects through construction fully encompasses our firm’s mission for client service.


Vital to Studio 8 Design’s philosophy is one fundamental concept – accountability.  We strive for accountability not only in project management, but in all areas of the professional practice of architecture.  Our goal is to be fully responsible and to hold true to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. A by-product of this philosophy of accountability is an uncompromising commitment to budgets and schedules.  Our commitment in this regard is based on the firm’s established work ethic – a direct result of historic traditions and practices developed by the firm’s owners.


picture of affordable housing complex


We manage all architectural elements of the application process for developers implementing low income housing tax credit projects. Our team has over 17 years in the architectural requirements needed to obtain funding for projects.

photo of multi-family housing project


We provide design and construction administration services for market rate, multi-family housing and student housing projects. We work with clients to understand the unique objectives, including amenities and special design goals, for each project.

Photo of church design


Our staff has significant experience in the development of programming and design for churches including the design of new sanctuaries, classroom buildings, and support areas. Our experience includes both traditional and contemporary layouts.

photo of corrections project


The firm's Corrections Studio has completed over 140 projects of this type including prisons, jails, sheriff's offices, judicial centers, courthouses, probation detention centers, work release camps, and boot camps.

photo of office project


Professional offices provide a variety of services including law, medical, accounting, veterinary, and other professional businesses. We design facilities which meet the unique needs of various professions and which create an identity reflective of the nature of the office's services.

photo of education project


Our designers have provided comprehensive services for K-12 schools and college/university projects. We understand the unique requirements needed to facilitate positive experiences for students in the classroom and overall learning environment.

photo of retail project


We provide design options for developers in the retail and commercial market. We work to develop unique architectural concepts for establishing new brands, and we work to maintain existing architectural language when expansion of properties is desired.

photo of sports complex


We are experienced in designing both large scale sports and recreation complexes which seat thousands of spectators and smaller venues for community recreation and leisure. Our experience includes sports fields, splash parks, miracle league fields, and community parks.

photo of governmental buiilding


There are unique criteria and requirements associated with governmental projects. Our staff has experience in managing complex governmental projects for Federal, State, and County/Municipal agencies.

photo of historic project



Historic properties often require special attention to key elements  needed to maintain historic integrity, especially those seeking National Historic Register recognition and placement. Our experience includes both restoration and adaptive re-use of historic properties.


“The people of Studio 8 are among many of its strengths. [They] have been attentive to our needs with this renovation. The constant communication with all parties and immediate action on items has been instrumental in keeping this project moving forward. They have exhibited a professional working relationship that any college would be fortunate to encounter.” - Keith Newell, VP of Operations, South Ga State College

"My relationship with the firm's staff has been cultivated over many years, and in my experience, they have been professional, accessible, and responsive to any needs or issues with which we may need their expertise and assistance. The staff is highly engaged in ensuring projects are completed within the schedule and budget." - Glenn Deibert, Ed.D., President, Coastal Pines Technical College

“Studio 8 truly acts as a partner with the owner and each member of our construction team. Studio 8 has provided us with great sustainable and cost effective designs. They do what it takes to get the project done, along with quick execution of paperwork and they were always available so that the design intent  was upheld and our construction schedule not compromised. Working with Studio 8 brings a  truly enjoyable project experience for everyone involved for a successful project and a very pleased client.” - Chuck Smith, Chuck Smith & Son Construction

“For the past eleven years I have worked with Jim Ingram on multiple projects. His knowledge and expertise in the building trades has been invaluable. He has done an excellent job of interpreting our desires and understands the constraints of our budget. He is quick to make recommendations to both improve efficiency and cut cost. I think the thing that I most appreciate about Jim is that he answers the phone when I call and responds promptly to our RFIs. I can heartily recommend him for Architectural services.” - Garry Gable, Sr. Project Engineer, Georgia Department of Corrections



Our Oak Street office was designed by architects Jim Ingram (of Studio 8 Design) and Dan Parris in 1980.  The Oak Street office served as the home of Jim and Dan's  architectural firm for over 20 years.  Many of the owners of Studio 8 began their careers, under the guidance of Jim Ingram, in this office.  A rich tradition of architecture and "esprit de corps" was built by Jim and Dan, and Studio 8 Design honors those same values today.

photo of studio 8 design lobby
photo of Studio 8 Design Entry Stairs
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